Characterized by the eloquence of the early twentieth century, Chad Allison jewelry portrays romance and elegance while capturing modern day fashion and luxury. 

Founded in 1949 by Saul Gottlieb, a manufacturer of fine, handmade platinum jewelry, Gottlieb & Sons has grown to be a leader in the international jewelry industry. 

JudeFrances Jewelry, the designer jewelry brand, is known for stunning designs and high-quality pieces made with only the most luxurious materials.

Each Michael B. ring is handcrafted by one of their master jewelers. His or her initial is embossed on your ring much like an artist’s signature on a painting. 

Since our establishment in 1994, Overnight has grown into one of the most fashion forward, service based, reliable jewelry suppliers in the industry. 

QUINTESET is a patented method of setting precious stones with an unending row of brilliance. Small stones enhance lager ones by filling in the spaces, in channel settings, with great beauty.

From our manufacturing and administrative headquarters in Lafayette, Louisiana, we provide JUST IN TIME delivery of more than 200,000 different items to over 40,000 jewelry professionals throughout the world.

With well over 50 years in the wedding ring and bridal jewelry industry, Wright and Lato offers handmade precious metal wedding rings that not only possess superior craftsmanship, but are also proudly made in America as well.