What Our Clients Say…

Douglas B.

If the wedding bells are on your mind, or you’re just looking for some bling to spice up your life, you need to make a stop into Kirles Jewelers.  Jewelery is pretty much jewelry anywhere you go, but at Kirles you get the customer service that makes you feel like what YOU want is important.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Pete, the owner, and if he’s there, you’ll get why they’ve been in business for so long.  There was no pressure to buy anything and it seemed more like a jewelry consultation.  This is not a Jared, or Kay Jewelers kind of place where they just give you something that everybody else has.  I loved checking out all the custom pieces and the watch selection was really something you wouldn’t expect from a store this size.

While I was there just checking things out, they cleaned my Tungsten wedding ring and it really made a difference.  Take your ring in for a cleaning and just see what they have to offer.

Nicole H.

My fiance and I were engaged in April.  We had purchased the setting and stone elsewhere but needed to have the stone set in the ring.  Kirles is right down the road from our house, so we stopped in there.

The folks who work there are fantastic.  They were happy to oblige and had the work done quickly and it looks beautiful.  They have a large selection of jewelry in their store and seem very knowledgeable.  They also carry small gifts like porcelain sculptures, watches, etc.

While we were there, my fiance found a ring that he really liked, so I’ll be headed back there in a few months to buy his ring!

Steve B.

Kirles Jewelers is by far the best, most trustworthy jewelry store in the Indianapolis area. I have purchased jewelry for my wife and other family members for several years and have visited all of the major local stores. Making a jewelry purchase is usually a bog decision and knowing you can trust the person you’re buying from 100% is a good feeling, one that I am only able to get from Kirles Jewelers. Local owned and operated since 1951, you know you are getting the best deal and they will always go out of their way to get exactly what you’re looking for no matter what it takes. The owners, Pete and George, are always there which says a lot about their commitment to the customers.

Ty H.

Kirles is the last of a dying breed — locally owned stores that appreciate your business and go the extra mile to make sure the customer is happy. I bought our wedding setting and bands there after getting a loose diamond … and George looked at the diamonds for me (I bought directly from a seller in NYC) and helped make the decision, even though he wasn’t getting anything out of the deal. The designers and selection are second to none and the staff is great. I’ve been back many times and will continue to purchase special items for my wife and family there!

Gayathri S.

Kirles Jewelry is an excellent place to shop for bargain prices on jewelry. They offer a clearance section that features nice jewelry, and a lot of it has real stones in it. I have bought many, many items from them, and I am pleased with their products. They also offer jewelry grab bags from time to time that I have been pleased with. These are greatly reduced. Their price is reasonable and they have lot of designs. I am sure you will enjoy the designs and buy it.

Swathi K.

I like to go to Kirless jewelers.I got a gold ring from my husband as my birthday gift. He took me to Kirles jewelers to select the ring by myself. They have lots of collections and the staff is so friendly and he showed all the designs one by one patiently. They have many rings with a diamond stone in it. They also make personalized ring and you can select the design you want .Otherwise you can engrave the name you want on the ring. They also finance for you. I got the ring on a sale . Their price is also reasonable.